about me.

I’m a freshman in college at a small liberal arts school in PA called Dickinson College.

I was born and raised in Boulder, CO and so have a slightly different outlook on life that people out east. which keeps it all interesting.

I don’t really like the outdoors, I’ve had surgery before, I’ve never been in love, my family and friends are the most important things in the world to me, my favorite color is green, I’m always thinking about the future, my wedding is planned, I have a best friend, I love pasta, but my favorite food is peanut butter, I’m afraid of fish, I love to say, I’m adventurous, but I love the comfort of a familiar place.

I’m currently thinking about being an American Studies Major and want to go to Law School in NYC. (dreaming big)

Going to school so far away form home is a struggle in its self, but I’m making this blog so that new freshmen know that its all gonna be okay! from the parties to the friends to the school work. seriously it’ll all work out. and yes. freshman 15 is a thing. don’t be scared, just be aware.

I love college.


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